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Shared Successes:

We work with companies across indonesia, creating bespoke solutions for bespoke challenges

Pivoting to a digital mindset requires leadership, courage, agility, adaptivity, relentless focus on data and talent.  We compliment your team with the vision and skills to make a difference.

Digital Capability Assessment:

Haxtech works with key stakeholders to perform a current-state assessment and evaluates your digital capabilities against industry standard best practices and emerging trends. We take a holistic view of your digital landscape.

  • Scope – Work with leadership to determine the scope of the digital assessment. Assessment scope may include areas such as customer touchpoints, product footprint, operational models/processes, technology/platforms, data/content asset management, data integration capabilities, analytic capabilities and competition.
  • Evaluate – Perform an assessment to identify and document current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats across the digital capability assessment scope.
  • Report –  Provide a digital capability maturity score (by digital capability) and actionable recommendations.

Digital Strategy and Roadmap:

Haxtech works with organizational leadership to define your digital capability goals, strategies, and future-state roadmap for execution.

  • Define – Establish digital goals and strategies based on the outcome of the digital capability assessment, industry best practices, and emerging trends.
  • Identify – Determine approach, operating models, and technical enablers to address the defined digital goals and strategies.
  • Plan – Develop a roadmap of opportunities based on alignment, prioritization, risks and impacts

Digital Governance Framework:

Haxtech works with your company to create a digital governance framework that enables progressive and transformative digital capabilities.

  • Define – Create digital governance goals, objectives and primary ownership
  • Structure – Develop a governance model/framework with roles and responsibilities. Determine digital decisions that must be governed at the highest levels.
  • Execute – kickoff initial set of governance meetings to demonstrate the process for digital investment portfolio review, current investment go/no go decisions, and ideation.